The Demonstration EP

by Jon G.

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released April 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Jon G. Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: 认识你高兴
Renshi Ni Gaoxing, that’s happy to meet ya
Just so you’re forewarned, I’m a crazy ass creature
My brain’s insane, sick 16s at leisure
I could sell a million, 500 a feature.
Do the math y’all, that’s half a billion
Nobody realer, cultural chameleon.
Eyes wide shut, but the light is so brilliant
I don’t get them weak vibes, maybe they could fill me in.
I tried to be preachy, but that shit won’t reach ya—
Clean slater, Zach swag, now the heart’s much screecher
Snoop dogg philosophy is trumping all Neitzshe
Now I’m in the spotlight, no sitting in bleachers
And now we’re getting silly cuz we got some attention
Feeling like Rasheed fresh off a suspension.
Small minds hear the views and stay getting defended,
But my titles, bibles, vitals, stay getting defended.
I’m so bad,
So dirty,
So sick.
The most gross, so infected.
Shit’s infectious, when I spit
One way, no lane’s
This shit reckless
I give a fuck about a Maybach, or Lexus
I just wanna be free of the Google Nexus.
They more of the same, I’m the one
I’m Samson
Long hair, don’t care
And I’m crazy like Sam’s son.
Spike Lee, Bruce Lee
No belt or Samsung
Smile for the selfie, damn I look so handsome
Boy meets world,
Lion meets panda.
Beats get precise
And the rhymes get random
No Achilles heal
So the haters can’t stand em
Flow gets loud like I’m throwing a tantrum
I’m just starved for attention
I’m that new new, they aforementioned
Move on old man, go collect a pension
Move on 9 to 5er this a real folk’s convention.
The aim of my game is relieving the tension,
Finding happiness through introspection
Challenging what I see as cancerous conventions
And being brought up whenever Carolina is mentioned

Yo Pops, you should see what your boy done did
You gave me Jon the body
God gave me the Closet Kid
There’s a message in the can of worms
I’m blowing the lid
I’d sleep on the floor with a billion quid
Remember in the court when I looked that judge in the eye
And he looked at you and said ‘you’re boy’s got spine’
Well now your boy’s grown up and got a body and a mind
And this light ain’t little when I let it shine.

Yo Ma! You should see what your boy’s become
Got rednecks and thugs putting down their guns
I’ve got people seeing happy ain’t bout having fun
And they’re praying every time that they fill up their lungs
I used to waste mine, now I’m out bettering lives
Nourish starved souls with all of these bettering vibes
And now I’ve got experience, that veteran vibe
And nobody’s music is better than mine. Om.
Track Name: Kangaroo Boos
No school like old school, olden days, golden era
Broke the mold, the yogi rapper
Holden Caulfield, sober’s rarer
Carolina’s finest, though I’m country like I’m Alabama
Bruce Banner angry post getting belted by the gammas
Que increible! I mind the rhymes you just mind your manners
My own paparazzi, got the selfie setting on the camera
Click click a flash of light, life ain’t gonna pass us by
Evolving everyday, this kundalini up and down the spine
Yo I’m like Houdini snapping mental shackles getting mine
Plus im like Fellini on the frames check the timeline
Once upon a time I invested in the minds lies, now I give em goosebumps
Up on my R.L. Stine grind
Sharpening my faculties, blessed with such a fine mind
Traveling the world but looking deep within to find mine.

Kangaroo Boos hopping on it like Ay Mate

Check the doctor’s records I done been like this since childhood
Except I put in work so now my timing and my rhyming’s good.
Climbing up the slides, yo there ain’t no mountain high enough
Swinging off the ropes because their ain’t no river wide enough.
The mystic will arrive and so no yall this just ain’t the place
Time is in the mind—first is last
Yall this ain’t a race
Yo I’m solo, cop and robber, I instate the chase
Cowboy in India, Dallas Palace, erase the hate
No malice or fallacies, it’s all love yall let’s make it great
Destined for an earthly heaven at the rate I am of late
Sick back annie lee don’t worry I can take the weight
Kangaroo boos hopping on it like ‘Ay mate’
Track Name: Giving
Long hair don’t care
No baldhead yo
Despite the sin and white skin I still got my soul
Freak folk and trap music’s where I found my flow
Politics of hip hop show of rock and roll
And you ain’t gotta follow me because I’m stopping the show
No drive by unless I’m copping some dro
Only goal to grow, care less if I blow
But it’d be dope to see a billion at the Jon G show
No black or white section, fuck segregation
Cuz separate but equal ain’t a real equation
Body ashes soul, they all in outer space man
No comparison, no replacing
Different time, different circumstance
Modern Day Mystic, no longer a worldly man
Purple girl pants sure you can call me a girly man
But my third eye is so sharp up in this blurry land

Once I stopped giving a fuck, everybody started giving a fuck

I ain’t never been the dude to claim color blindness
I see them all dawg, I just don’t judge by em
I’m done having guilt and I’m through with just whiteness
I don’t wanna be white, I wanna be righteous
So I may come off as being black or Asian
I may come off as having gay persuasions
I ain’t here to stir up your micro hatred
These are macro raps I’m tryna change the matrix.
God complex is an understatement
Another understatement that I’m underrated
I’m done hiding light, won’t find me wasted
Problem in the now, you gon bet I’ll face it
Be cool hallelujah, Elmore Cohen
Oh man, so cold, the track done got frozen
Come on in, as per usual I’m hosting
No more cham, we alkali water toasting Om

Quite a few times, but now I’m rapping again,
No 9 to 5, acting or trapping again
Got a new life, nothing whack or in sin
Inglorious bastards, wait for la crème
Crème de la crème crème of the crop
I have a dream in which violence stops
People feel empowered wearing just flip flops
And we ain’t scraped the bottom of the barrel hiring cops
If you want to know where to find Jon G,
I’m the swagged out yogi it ain’t hard to find me.
Soul so clean, but the flow grimey
Cops still fucking with me even though Im living crime free
Jon G, a phoenix rose from the ashes
Went from weed, oxy, coke, bar sales and skipping classes
To spreading love and joy via speakers to the masses
I learned to look beyond behind my designer glasses. Om
Track Name: Right Here, Right Now
Musta known you in past life,
Déjà vu, it’s like you just past twice
Your being is past nice, never on past nights
Who would have thought that this last night was last rights
Or were they all just wrongs, since we’ve been together all along
Finally I belong
And now my life’s a song
And I see you and me out at sea in sarongs.

I just wanna be with you right here, right now
No wrongs or rights right now,
Just me just you just here just right now, right now
I just wanna touch you taste you smell you breathe you
Baby right now, I just wanna be with you right here, right now
Right here, right now.

Girl you’ve got me on some new things
Got me calling you my boo thing
Got these matching dollar store mood rings
So we can monitor our mood swings
When your feeling red or blue or green or brown
Either way baby everyday I just wanna be with you be with you be with you be with you

Ugh, let me paint a picture for ya
Out here chillin, in California
Wrapped up in the music and metaphysics
Eating clean got a comfy spot, the crew can kick it
Im just missing one piece, that queen in my realm
That freak in the sheets
That anchor out at sea
That song so sweet
That wife that’ll make this life complete
So I’m just wishing and waiting I can quite with this dating
Move on with my life but I know it takes patience
Keep walking my path
Searching for truth
Searching for Christ
Searching for you
Searching for love
And that love anew
And it’s work and it hurts and I’m working it through
But I know that it’s worth it, cuz you’re searching too
Track Name: Can Will Able
System done messed up, let’s do something new
I can I will I’m able to do
They say the dude’s views is so askew
But to me it seems the consumer is just getting consumed
So to the old life and me: I bid adieu
I saw the light, born anew
I was subdued with accrued misconstrued taboos
To undo I had to overdo
I sat back in a moment of clarity
Basked in that shit and lost all severity
Cause once you see disparity and yet the similarity
Realities a fabric of hilarity
All is one and one need not count
And there ain’t one thing that you can’t surmount
Your alright now, I promise you
You can, you will, you’re able to do

I can I will I’m able
No Myths, no fairytales, no fables

How bout we teach how to live
How bout we teach how to love
How bout we teach how to give
How bout we teach how to breathe

How bout we teach how to live
How bout we teach how to love
How bout we teach how to give
How bout we teach how breathe

I can I will I’m able,
I can, I’m human, I’m willing and able
Bringing valid things to every table
Thoroughbred even when asleep in a stable
Haaay the revolution’s not on cable
They profit off making us crazy and stable
Appealing to the parts of us that like to label
Stressed out day one in the hospital cradle
But in spirit there ain’t no salary caps
Religion’s result based
Cuz now im relaxed,
Breathing 9 counts in, 9 counts out
Good eats in, lyrical feats out
Getting in the women sinning digging them out
Respectfully though, cuz that’s what living’s about
Confucius say do this, Shiva say do that
Hippies give me crystals, thugs say to stay strapped
Country folk make food
City folk make beats
Jon G’s a foot soldier
Pushing positive qi

And guess what it’s all free
Track Name: Realness
Your Oms are like two semi-tones higher than eyes is
Pineal gland, where the seat of the mind is
I’m all up in mine, exploring the mind’s horizons
And trust in this dawg it holds glittering prizes
And how I spit is exactly how I live
And how I live is exactly how I love
And how it is is exactly how it was
And how it did is exactly how it does
So what we do is mix happiness and fun
Exacto knife tracks, whack rappers have to run
Hi-jacking material planes—9, 1, 1..
Momma says Im looking skinny in the 5, 1, 1s
I still got lots to learn, this life 1, 0, 1
And I got faith in my team
But I’m one on one
A real muhfuckah, ha
Done been one,
Everythings all in place
All done been one Om

They gon’ hear this
And they gon’ fear this
But then they’ll feel this
Cuz it’s got realness
And once they feel this
Then they can heal this
Up they chillness
Big Ups to realness

If the little engine could, man think of what I can do
I’ve fot this 454 SS, what’s inside of you?
I ain’t even asking: ‘Yo Jon are they liking you’
I’m just trying to find God, bruh, and get that life anew
So good night moon, good night stars,
Good night old life, I’m where the wild things are
I memorized them rhymes of hood life stuff
And now I pen and pad to in put my love
And for the most part Im done with input of drugs
Priorities is shifted to output of hugs,
Getting my subconscious thoroughly scrubbed,
And bringing rooms together like lebowski’s rugs
So officer, you mind if I do a jay?
I promise it won’t make my moral truths go away
And the taxes prolly help the problems in schools go away
No? ok fine I’ll wait till you go away

Silly policeman
Always on some cop shit
Rarely on some god shit
Hating cuz they’re not shit
And it’s clear to see we got shit
And I know I’ve got this laid back flow
And the BPMs are nice and slow
But we still go hard

Harder than a motherfucker drunk off cement
Harder than my dick with a six day load and a chick down low
Pre – busting siemen
Jon G on the track, you best believe it
Save the advise dog I don't need it
I’m on that this Just in fly I’m beliebing
Defriend spree, fuck boys get weeded
Deep throat kick, snare balls get kneaded
Cumming on the drums lyrical skeet skeeting
Pineapple make it taste sweeter
Stoned directing, natural born leader
Yall damned the flow, I relieve the beaver
I’m like an egg beater, teamed up with a meat cleaver
The way the genres get chopped up,
whipped topped frozen then locked up and rocked up
The market’s so bare
We need to get the bull stock up
And best elect for protection or next time you’re gon get knocked up.
Track Name: Close our Tabs
Well I think it’s time we close our tabs
Throw our bodies up for grabs
4 deep in the backseat, like we’re driving cabs
I think it’s time we close our tabs

Every story ain’t been told
As you can see
This whole crew done broke the mold
We will do anything except what we’re told
The night is young and my body is not yet old

So I think it’s time we close our tabs
Throw our bodies up for grabs
The more the merrier,
Life’s the backseat of a cab
I think it’s time we close our tabs

Rich kids pay for all the drugs
Apparently they love the company
of some swagged-out R&B thugs
They’re keeping our seats cold
In all the hottest clubs
Someone is paying for all this fun

Long hair don’t care but I can’t be careless
Sexiness’ll get me Jet Li fearless
Try to save these bald heads
No chicken or hairless
But they just babble on in Babylon
Oh so careless
Oh so magic
Yet oh so frail
Oh so tragic
How we build our own jail
But not us love
We’ve got trust
For folks like us realness is a must
Let gold souls glow
Let cold steal rust
And this rose gold grill’ll
Incite some lust
So I think it’s time that we get them checks
And fuck it, tip em all like 300 percent
Bigger picture, my regards
Going up to the moon and stars
Fuck cash
Fuck credit
Fuck debit cards
I’ve got that, I don’t need it
We’ve got that, we don’t need it
You’ve got IT, you don’t need it
And yeah I know positivity is the paramount
But I’ve got a couple issues, Ima air them out
There’s labels, twitters, instagrams
Selfie girls and there’s facebook fans
And then there’s real motherfuckers showing nothing but love
Since whens a night over cuz they closed a club

I’d never know what’s for sale if I ain’t gone in the store
We’d never know what’s for sale if we ain’t gone in the store
You’d never know what’s for sale if you ain’t gone in the store
Think about it

White lines lead us down a road
But it seems to me, somewhere down that path it gets cold
Maybe there’s more than what is bought and sold
But I believe every story ain’t been told.