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This upbeat number combines guitar chops, political views, and a bit of background into the Jon G. story


Long hair don’t care
No baldhead yo
Despite the sin and white skin I still got my soul
Freak folk and trap music’s where I found my flow
Politics of hip hop show of rock and roll
And you ain’t gotta follow me because I’m stopping the show
No drive by unless I’m copping some dro
Only goal to grow, care less if I blow
But it’d be dope to see a billion at the Jon G show
No black or white section, fuck segregation
Cuz separate but equal ain’t a real equation
Body ashes soul, they all in outer space man
No comparison, no replacing
Different time, different circumstance
Modern Day Mystic, no longer a worldly man
Purple girl pants sure you can call me a girly man
But my third eye is so sharp up in this blurry land

Once I stopped giving a fuck, everybody started giving a fuck

I ain’t never been the dude to claim color blindness
I see them all dawg, I just don’t judge by em
I’m done having guilt and I’m through with just whiteness
I don’t wanna be white, I wanna be righteous
So I may come off as being black or Asian
I may come off as having gay persuasions
I ain’t here to stir up your micro hatred
These are macro raps I’m tryna change the matrix.
God complex is an understatement
Another understatement that I’m underrated
I’m done hiding light, won’t find me wasted
Problem in the now, you gon bet I’ll face it
Be cool hallelujah, Elmore Cohen
Oh man, so cold, the track done got frozen
Come on in, as per usual I’m hosting
No more cham, we alkali water toasting Om

Quite a few times, but now I’m rapping again,
No 9 to 5, acting or trapping again
Got a new life, nothing whack or in sin
Inglorious bastards, wait for la crème
Crème de la crème crème of the crop
I have a dream in which violence stops
People feel empowered wearing just flip flops
And we ain’t scraped the bottom of the barrel hiring cops
If you want to know where to find Jon G,
I’m the swagged out yogi it ain’t hard to find me.
Soul so clean, but the flow grimey
Cops still fucking with me even though Im living crime free
Jon G, a phoenix rose from the ashes
Went from weed, oxy, coke, bar sales and skipping classes
To spreading love and joy via speakers to the masses
I learned to look beyond behind my designer glasses. Om


from The Demonstration EP, released April 11, 2016
Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jon Gartner.



all rights reserved


Jon G. Nashville, Tennessee

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